Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions regularly do blocked drain cleaning to remove blockages and keep the drains running correctly to prevent future problems with the drains in your property.

blocked drain cleaning

When your sewer or stormwater pipes become blocked, Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions have two ways to clear the blockage quickly & effectively.
All our service vans are equipped with electric drain cleaning machines. These cleaning machines are powered by our vans built in power supply allowing our plumbers to clear blockages even if power is unavailable.
This ensures your pipes are functioning again as quickly as possible. We can also employ a high-powered petrol-motor hydro-jet to clear the most stubborn blockages.
The high-pressure water effectively removes all types of blockage with ease. This system is also equipped with a small remote reel to access difficult to reach areas of pipe work.


Blocked Sewer Line & Blocked Sewer Pipe in action...

is my main sewer drain blocked?

Strange gurgling noises coming from your toilet? Water bubbling out of your shower when you run the washing machine? These are some of the signs that you may have a blocked sewer pipe — a serious plumbing issue.
A blocked sewer line can impact the plumbing throughout your entire home. In severe cases, you may wind up with raw sewage backing up out of your drains. And no one wants that.

what causes a blocked sewer drain line?

In most cases, particularly in older houses, tree roots can interfere with the smooth operating of your sewage system. Attracted to the warmth and moisture of a sewer line, tree roots creep in through tiny cracks or loose joints in the pipe. Feeding on the plentiful nutrients they find there; the roots grow and create a blockage in the sewer line. Eventually, toilet paper or other debris gets snagged on the roots, further preventing water from flowing through the main sewer drain line.
Flushing sanitary products, such as paper towels, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products or even extra-thick toilet paper, can also block your sewer line. However, this is far less often a problem. Assuming these items make it far enough, sewer pipes are typically 4 – 6 inches in diameter. In other words, it takes a lot of loose material to block them.


Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions use the latest technology to quickly & effectively clear your drains.


Mechanical Drain Cleaning

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions have a tool at their disposal for unblocking sewer and storm water drains. Among the most effective is a specially designed, flexible cable that is popularly known as drain snake. This is often power-assisted — some are even truck-mounted — and can be fed into the sewer line in sections until the plumber is able to reach and break apart the blockage. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions also use a high-pressure water jet and specialised tools to blow the roots and other debris down the sewer line. While you can rent these tools and try to do it yourself, both can damage your pipes if used incorrectly. Cleaning a blocked sewer line is a job best left to the professionals.

Plumbers in PPSSA putting a water under the drainage

Hydro-Jet Unit

These units feature a removable reel, making it particularly suitable for cleaning residential sewer and stormwater drains at the rear of a property where access can be limited, such as easements.

tree root inhibitor

Chemical Drain Cleaning

If tree roots are the culprit behind your sewer line blocking, you can use Chemical Tree Root Inhibitor to remove them. However, it still may take a few months for dead roots to be completely flushed from your sewage system.

cctv pipeline inspection

Camera Inspection

If the snake or Hydro jet does not unblock the sewer line, you can request a visual (CCTV camera) inspection to determine what’s causing the blockage. The camera can reveal cracks and breaks in the sewer pipe, as well as problems in the line that may require further attention.