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Blocked Sewer Drain

PPS regularly do blocked drain cleaning to remove clogs and keep the drains running correctly to prevent future problems with the drains in your home.

blocked drain cleaning
blocked drain cleaning

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When your sewer or stormwater pipes become blocked, Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions have two ways to clear the blockage quickly & effectively.

All our service vans are equipped with electric drain cleaning machines. These cleaning machines are powered by our vans built in power supply allowing our plumbers to clear blockages even if power is unavailable.

This ensures your pipes are functioning again as quickly as possible.

We can employ a high-powered petrol-motor hydro-jet to clear the most stubborn blockages.

The high-pressure water effectively removes all types of blockage with ease. This system is also equipped with a small remote reel to access difficult to reach areas of pipe work.


Hydro-jet trailer unit
These units features a removable reel, making it particularly suitable for cleaning residential sewer and stormwater drains at the rear of a property where access can be limited, such as easements.

blocked drain cleaning

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