CCTV Pipeline Inspection

cctv pipeline inspection

Seek help from the top CCTV pipeline inspection experts in South Australia!

We use a closed-circuit television (CCTV) which is the perfect way to inspect your pipeline and drainage assets.

Whether it’s to prevent damage and/or resolve a design problem, we can inspect and help you. And, we are armed with the latest IBAK tractor camera technology!

Our team of WSAA and IPWEA certified technicians are competent in operating this equipment accurately.

So, rather than merely getting a movie of your systems inner workings, every CCTV survey we undertake is accompanied by a comprehensive report that as a result yields a recommended course of action.

All of our CCTV inspection technicians and supervisors are trained and accredited to NWPNET016 and NWPNET017 to ensure your reporting meets legislative requirements.


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CCTV Drain Inspections in action...

what can a cctv pipeline inspection detect?

All of Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions’ CCTV Inspection cameras can be accurately tracked from above ground and have the capability to make recordings of:

  • The condition of the subsurface infrastructure
  • The location of blockages
  • The location of junctions and bends, etc.

WINCAN Reporting of CCTV drain inspections are a valuable step in planning remediation works. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions can identify the issues and confirm their exact location and depth, as well as the length and type of pipe and other materials that may need to be removed or used in the remediation process.
Removing the guesswork from the process, our CCTV reporting can help customers save time and money. Our staff is accredited to all industry standards for identifying all drain and pipe faults, so you can count on full consultation at the conclusion of the inspection.




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