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Cleaning Nozzles

We have invested over $50,000 on a complete selection of jet cleaning nozzles for each truck, which are 25% more powerful than those used by our competitors.

cleaning nozzles

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This controlled-rotation nozzle bores through roots, grease and mineral deposits.

Flying nozzle

Its narrow-angled jets give it tremendous cleaning efficiency and unsurpassed traction for the toughest applications, such as cleaning sewer or stormwater lines in mountainous or difficult terrain.

Chisel nozzle

Variable jet options and sharp edges tackle the most difficult situations such as total blockages including solid root masses.

Dredger nozzle

This appliance specialises in the removal of heavy solids, silt, sand and sludge sitting at the bottom of a pipe.

Pipe wolf

Driven by a turbine at 6,000 rpm, this highly efficient tool handles extreme applications such as total blockages of root, silt and grease where standard hydro-dynamic tools fail.

Turbo chain-cutters

These very expensive cutters, but effective, remove obstructions such as calcium, grease, scale and crust as well as extensive root growth and total blockages over long distances.

Milling cutter

This tool actually bores through hard grease, concrete and scale of all kinds and is particularly good in cast-iron pipework.

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