sewer & stormwater cleaning

are your pipes in need of a good clean?



Don’t wait for a wet winter to know your sewer or stormwater drains are blocked. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions use the latest technology to quickly find the problem, and fix it fast! Our water recycling trucks will clean your infrastructure & save on water.

Our fleet of water recycling jet-vac combination drain cleaning units are three times more efficient than traditional non-recycling jet-vac combination units. PIPELINE MAINTENANCE EXPERTS! With our experience, we get the job done right the first time.


What to expect with sewer drain cleaning

sewer drain cleaning explained

Discover the efficiency and power behind our sewer and storm water drain cleaning services with our advanced recycling jet vac and vacuum recovery trucks. In this video, we’ll show you how our cutting-edge technology tackles the toughest blockages and maintains your drainage systems. Watch as our expert team demonstrates the process, ensuring your infrastructure remains clear and functional with minimal disruption.

sewer & stormwater drain cleaning experts

our services include:

  • Stormwater drains and pits
  • Industrial pit cleaning
  • Grease traps
  • Elevated tanks
  • Sewer drains
  • Gross pollutant traps
  • Submersible and conventional wet-well sewer pump stations
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Filtration cleaning of swimming centres and industrial sites


Using a combination of suction and high-pressure water recycling jet-vac units are the key to removing the deposits that afflict urban and industrial water and waste infrastructure. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions have a fleet of recycled-water hydrodynamic jetting and vacuum-cleaning units based in South Australia that are three times more efficient than traditional non recycling jet-vacs. Not only is recycling the water better for the environment, but it makes the whole process much faster: the tanker usually only fills and empties once a day, where others spend considerably more downtime having to empty and refill water tanks. Our water recycling jet-vac equipment is superior in design, with a focus on efficiency, unlike competitor units that tend to be slow and labour-intensive.


Based on our 25 years experience, we scoured the globe to find the best technology available: our fleet of Cappellotto trucks. Cappellotto is a world leader with over 50 years experience in truck-chassis-mounted sewer and stormwater cleaning equipment. The same units we chose are currently deployed in over 40 countries due to their quality, high capacity, reliability and safety.


The 2600 series excels in gaining tight access to stormwater/sewerage pipes and gross pollutant traps, with the mobility of a single steer-axle truck.

Here are the specs:

Debris: 5,000 litres
Water: 5,000 litres
Vacuum: 2,400 m3
Water pump: 330 litres per minute @ 170 bar
Vacuum hose: 12 m of 150-mm diameter
Sewer hose: 180 m of 1″ hose


This is the most powerful jet-vac in Australia. Its longer vacuum tube and higher vacuum capacity make this larger truck ideal for wet-well sewer and submersible pump stations. Its massive debris and water tanks give it a loading capacity far greater than any other truck in Australia, while its ample water power handles large diameter stormwater and sewerage pipes with ease.

The hydro-excavator attachment also allows us to make potholes very quickly and easily for such things as stobie poles and footings, especially in tight access areas such as for a historical building.

Here are the specs:

Debris: 8,000 litres
Water: 6,000 litres
Vacuum: 4,500 m3
Water pump: 350 litres per minute @ 210 bar
Vacuum hose: 20 m @ 150-mm diameter
Sewer hose: 330 m of 1″ hose