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When it comes to commercial plumbing, no other company in South Australia has the level of experience you are looking for.

Most commercial plumbing issues take time to develop and cause some serious damage. Whether it’s emergencies like blocked drains or a burst water main, leak detection or legionella solutions, we have a large team of master plumbers and gasfitters you can rely on.


commercial plumbing service

The maintenance of plumbing fixtures in commercial establishments generally requires more work than domestic plumbing fixtures. For example, a shopping centre probably has several bathrooms and drinking fountains spread throughout the entire building. Aside from bathrooms, a shopping centre would have many kitchen facilities and restaurants. Installing, repairing, and maintaining this overly complex plumbing set up can be very challenging.

There are not many commercial plumbing companies that offer services and have the experience of Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions.

When you need experienced commercial plumbing contractors, you can rely on Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions.

For all your commercial plumbing in Adelaide contact us 24/7 on 8297 1000.


commercial plumbing services

We have a large team of master plumbers and gasfitters you can rely on to to take care of all your commercial plumbing needs.

Blocked Drain Cleaning & Hydro-jetting

Clearing of drains using our hydro-jetting equipment and specialised cleaning tools to ensure your pipes flow freely.

Hot Water Installation & Repair

PPS professionally manage the installation, servicing and replacement of your hot water systems.


Our highly trained Class A gas fitters are able to help you with all your gas fitting needs.

Legionella & Other Bacteria Prevention

When you need your warm water system tested to meet regulations, we can take care of this.

Pipe Freezing

When we can't isolate flow we can freeze the water in the pipe to complete in repairs.

Backflow Prevention

PPS has a team of plumbers certified to ensure your backflow is services to meet regulations.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic mixing valves are important to ensure the hot water in your facility is regulated at a safe temperature.

Leak Detection

When you need to find a leak within your water pipe lines, PPS has the technology to manage this.

Inspections, Audits & Maintenance Programs

We can complete an audit to develop a maintenance program for your facility, to minimise risk of emergency call outs.

How to Identify a Reliable Commercial Plumber?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to identify good commercial plumber to the bad ones. The best thing that everyone can do is observe the commercial plumber during the consultation period. Here are the things that you must look at to find the best commercial plumber for your establishment:

  1. Ask for a copy of their plumbing licence and possible references.
  2. Choose a commercial plumber that offer services from check-ups, inspections, diagnostics, installations, upgrades, system maintenance, up to the clean-up. This will save you money and time from coordinating to different contractors.
  3. Choose a commercial plumber who knows and applies the latest plumbing codes and requirements needed for each job (both national and local code).
  4. Choose a commercial plumber who always prioritises safety measures.