New Community Toilet Block Installation Using Hydro Excavation & Plumbing

project: New Community Toilet Block Installation Using Hydro Excavation & Plumbing


Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions were engaged by the The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council for a new community toilet block installation as the council had identified that the current toilet block located in the Drage Reserve Felixstow required replacement due to extensive graffiti, loitering and insufficient amenities to the community. 

As PPS have proven experience in providing successful minor building services to other Adelaide metropolitan councils, the council were confident that PPS were able to complete what was required to build a long lasting, secure and safe toilet block for the community.



Partnering with the building company PESBUILD, PPS identified that due to the proximity of trees and undocumented water mains running directly under the area of the new toilet block further work would be required as the council were unaware of the 300mm water mains. PPS’ locator worked around the infrastructure and provided the council with accurate documentation of the location of the mains for their records.

Once this issue was identified, PPS used a specialised system known as a hydro excavation unit, allowing PPS to work on the site while avoiding any damage to the roots and the trees. 

To ensure that the the new toilet block was safe for the community and decrease loitering and vandalism, Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions also installed an automatic locking system which was modelled from their previous works from another successful council project. This unit was programmed to be locked from 8pm until 6am and the locking system would be modified for the summer months. 




During their works for City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council, PPS worked efficiently to ensure the project was community focused. With the community toilet block installation completed, the community and local patrons are now able to have a safe and hygienic toilet block that will last 50 years with minimal risk of loitering and damages.