Gross Pollutant Trap Cleaning


As the tides change and the water levels rise, storms and its associative pollution are expected. Now, even as there’s little or nothing we can do about the rainstorms in South Australia, there’s a lot that can be done about the debris it brings. Appropriate precautionary measures need to be adopted else; the repercussions could be fatal to humans’ health and well-being as well as other life forms. One of these measures includes Gross Pollutant Trap Cleaning. In this article, we will discuss Gross Pollutant Trap Cleaning, and highlight reputable companies with skilled professionals in this trade.



Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs) are underground filters or catchment devices usually found at the underground sewage and gutter extremities. These devices collect stormwater pollutants in the form of domestic plastics, industrial packaging, paper, glass, metals, sediments, or even organic waste, thus preventing them from going back into the environment and waterways.

Now, like most conventional traps that have caught their prey, GPTs need to be cleaned because of the gross pollutants they’ve trapped. The longer the pollutants sit in the GPT, the higher their chances of diffusion into lands and water bodies, thus affecting the quality of life for living organisms that are land-based or sea-based. Hence, cleaning Gross Pollutant Traps is not just important for improving the quality of life as, in the long run, it’s equally essential in maintaining balance in the ecosystem.



Like a lot of other civilized cities around the world, Adelaide possesses quite a lot of GPTs. The upkeep of these traps shouldn’t be bestowed on just any company but one with a lot of skill, experience, manpower, and technological know-how. Well, with several GPT cleaning companies in South Australia, only one checks all these boxes.  


PPS is a renowned award-winning company that provides plumbing and pipeline solutions on a domestic and commercial scale in South Australia. This company already caters to the Adelaide community; it handles and manages a lot of Gross Pollutant Trap cleanings, maintenance, and condition assessment in several South Australia’s local governments.

PPS implores cutting edge technology to guarantee the proficiency of their service. In terms of GPT cleaning, PPS deploys the likes of water recycling jet-vac and vacuum recovery technology, PPS Smart maps, which is an online mapping service for easy access to underground pipelines, and of course, CCTV pipeline inspections, to name a few. This company is swamped with experience as it has completed the cleaning and restoration of over 130 GPTs throughout metropolitan South Australia. Hence, you have nothing to worry about in terms of delivery.



Cleaning Gross Pollutant Traps is an essential chore for individuals in South Australia and the world. Mere individuals cannot efficiently perform this chore as it requires professional tools, experience, and insights. PPS is one of the most experienced GPT cleaning companies in Adelaide; hence, their service should be prioritized for the sustenance of the health of multiple life forms.