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Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions use a state-of-the-art high-powered MALA ground-penetrating radar (GPR).

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What we do

PPS uses a high-powered GPR to track certain mettalic or non-mettallic materials.

With GPR, we can identify and detail the location and depth the said materials.

This includes underground water, gas, electrical, telecommunication, fibre optic, sewer and stormwater services as well as significant tree roots.

The pros is that it minimise the risk associated with exploratory excavation & increases the efficiency of clearing blockages below the surface.

Next to be done is the hydro-excavation or potholing, a form of non-destructive digging and vacuum loading.

This will now expose the area around the services for visual inspection prior to regular excavation.

This excavation will further decrease the risk of damage significantly.

In summary, these two devices will help us can excavate the area, remove the soil and have the area tidy. No mess and less hassle on your part!

ground penetrating radar

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