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Our tradesmen are fully equipped and experienced in installation and repair of all makes and models of hot water systems including Gas, Electric, Solar and Heat Pumps. We service and repair all hot water systems makes and models, and when your unit can not be repaired a new unit can be installed to meet your hot water needs. 

In cases, when its an emergency a temporary hot water system can be installed for continual supply until a new unit is available. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions service, repair and install new systems, gas, electric or solar, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


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Experience the difference with Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions. Our 50 years combined experience enables us to handle large-scale plumbing projects for businesses and institutions as well as tackling the most complex problems. Watch as we demonstrate our advanced techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and the dedicated professionalism of our team. From routine maintenance to complex installations and emergency repairs, see how our commercial plumbing services ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

continuous flow hot water

Your hot water system needs to be serviced to ensure it is operating efficiently and correctly. 

Most facility managers only have their hot water system attended to when it fails, but Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions can service and install a large range of continuous flow commercial gas heaters to suit your hot water needs.

commercial hot water systems

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions service, repair and install new systems, gas, electric or solar, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will supply all top manufacturer’s systems, including:


gas instantaneous

Gas hot water systems use gas to heat the water. They heat the water as needed and they are cheaper to run than electricity. While it is best suited to have a gas connection to the house but if needed you can also run gas hot water systems with gas cylinders, but at a higher running cost.

electric hot water system

Obviously, an electric hot water system runs on electricity. While they may be cheaper to install initially there are higher running costs throughout the life of your hot water unit. There are two main types of electric hot water systems: storage (tank) and instant (tankless). Electric hot water systems use an electrical element to heat the hot water in the storage tank and tank sizes can vary from about 25L to 400L. While you can try to reduce you electricity costs using off peak hot water system that heats the water overnight you will need to have a tank big enough to store hot water for the household in the morning.

solar hot water system

There are two main types of solar hot water systems: split-system and close-coupled. A split-system solar hot water allows for the solar panels to be positioned on your roof with the water storage tank on ground level. This design provides flexibility in installation and usually does not require any additional reinforcements on your roof. A close-coupled solar hot water system has both the solar panels and water storage tank located on your roof. A thermosiphon method is used rather than a pump to draw the collected heat inside of the tank, heating the water. As the close-coupled solar system has no moving parts it requires less ongoing maintenance.