How Do I Remove Tree Roots from My Sewer Drain?


Trees are a vibrant part of our ecosystem as they add so much depth and beauty to our neighborhoods and homes, mostly when they bloom in spring. As much as everyone loves a good shade on a hot day, trees aren’t that great for sewer systems. This is because their intrusive roots are the single most destructive perpetrators of blocked drains. These tree roots worm their way into sewer lines, and because they derive moisture and nutrients from the sewer waste, they grow and expand, thus rendering your sewer system incapacitated. This can cause severe damage to your home’s integrity, as well as the functionality of your sewer system as drains, will clog and flooding is inevitable. Hence, to prevent the risk of losing your proper maintenance involving the removal of tree roots is essential for guaranteeing the longevity of your sewer system. This article will discuss effective measures you can use to remove tree roots from your sewer drain.



1. Using Specialized Tools

Of course, this is the job for licensed plumbing service, but to remove tree roots from a sewer drain, a Marco drain machine, or a hydro jet that uses high-pressure water, amongst other specialized tools, can be used. These machines either cut, flush, or remove the roots entirely, leaving the pipes clean and the drain unclogged.

2. CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Once the roots are removed, and the drain is clean, a CCTV pipeline inspection is worth doing. This is done to inspect the integrity of the pipes and the damage (if any) done. This simple inspection can checkmate occurrences of stormwater infiltration (I&I) in your home, property, or structure.

3. Pipe relining

If major defects are noticed in the pipes due to the tree roots’ damage, then relining the pipes is a viable option. Relining seals up the cracks and adds strength to the pipes. Thus it’s a corrective measure that has to do with the pipe’s integrity and functionality.

4. Chemical tree root inhibitor

Just like fertilizers help plants grow, inhibitors prevent their growth. If root intrusion and major defects with the pipes were a problem, a chemical tree root inhibitor can be used to avoid the roots’ regrowth. PPS utilizes Vaprooter, which functions by sterilizing the soil where the roots enter the pipe. Vaprooter is a herbicide that affects only the root material. 



Sewers are target areas for tree roots. Because of the nutrients in the waste, it’s common to see these roots trapped and growing in sewer pipes, thus clogging debris’ smooth flow into the sewers. This can wreak major flooding havoc to the home or property, which is why tree roots must be removed from sewer pipes. This removal can either be a preventive or corrective measure.

PPS, South Australia’s most reputable emergency plumbing company, offers the previously highlighted services with state-of-the-art technology, specialized tools, and competent staff with a wealth of experience for tree root removal.