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Leak Detection

Leak detection can be done a number of ways but if you need a professional help, Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions can help you out.

So if a damp area or water pooling has unexpectedly appeared, you can rely on PPS!

leak detection

24/7 emergency plumbing support.

Any day of the year, any time of the day or night, we're there for you.

What we do

A small leak can quickly grow in to a big problem. Responding to signs of a leak sooner rather than later can save you untold time and money. Unlike a burst pipe, locating and identifying the source of a leak is notoriously difficult. With the technology and expertise that Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions employ, leak detection is straightforward task.

Often the signs of a leak can appear a long way from the source of the actual problem. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions use a thorough multi-stage approach to isolate and identify a leak with each stage gradually honing in on the location of the problem where the fault can be fully diagnosed and remedied.


Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a technique used for finding leaks in a system by forcing odorless, non-toxic smoke through waste and drain pipes.

This is an effective method of detecting leaks in newly installed as well as old plumbing. Smoke testing can also be used to detect a cross connection of stormwater into sewer. This method is an effective way to locate sewer gas leaks that may permeate a building or area, as well as fluid leaks.

Smoke testing works by causing plumes of smoke to appear where defects are present. Once identified these leaks can be easily noted and repaired to prevent further problems.

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