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leak detection

Leak detection can be done a number of ways, but if you need a professional help, Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions can help you out. So, if a damp area or water pooling has unexpectedly appeared, you can rely on PPS!


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A small leak can quickly grow in to a big problem. Responding to signs of a leak sooner rather than later can save you untold time and money. Unlike a burst pipe, locating and identifying the source of a leak is notoriously difficult. With the technology and expertise that Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions employ, leak detection is straightforward task.

Often the signs of a leak can appear a long way from the source of the actual problem. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions use a thorough multi-stage approach to isolate and identify a leak with each stage gradually honing in on the location of the problem where the fault can be fully diagnosed and remedied.



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