Legionella & Other Bacteria Prevention

legionella & other bacteria prevention

Legionella grows in warm water, which is a potential breeding ground for the bacteria responsible for causing Legionella disease.

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Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions is experienced in dealing with legionella prevention on a day to day basis. We support government buildings, child care centres, hospitals and education and aged care facilities.

PPS can ensure that hot water is stored and distributed at temperatures greater than 60°C. For what purpose? This will create an environment that is too hot for bacteria to develop. Take note that water at this temperature will cause burns within seconds of exposure to bare skin.


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So what’s the solution?

We will install Thermostatic Mixing Valves to temper and control the water temperature down to a comfortable level. With that, managing the water storage temperature water system should be flushed with very hot water (in excess of 70°C) on a regular basis. Rest assured that we will incorporate regular preventative measures as part of an ongoing maintenance schedule.

In water systems of almost any kind, legionella can find a cosy home and multiply rapidly. Some common areas for the bacteria to be present are:

  • Showers/changing rooms
  • Water tanks – stored/rain water
  • Dead legs – redundant pipes
  • Cooling towers
  • Spa/Jacuzzis
  • Hot/cold/warm water system
  • Water features
  • Irrigation systems/hoses
  • Water systems out of use for long duration


Legionella becomes a risk when:

  • Water sits between the temperatures of 20 – 50°C
  • Water stagnation occurs in as little as 7-10 days
  • Water is in aerosol form – breathable droplets
  • Favourable conditions – poor water quality, growth of bio-film or low turnover of the system such as building vacancy


Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions can carry out a maintenance routine where sampling of systems and programmed recorded flushing regimes, including full site surveys to prevent risks associated with legionella in Adelaide.



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