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Pipe Relining Adelaide

Renoflo CIPP Pipeline renovation system done by the experts!

trenchless pipe relining

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What we do

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions is an exclusive installer of Renoflo CIPP Pipeline Renovation System.

This allows us to create what is effectively a whole new pipe within the existing, deteriorated pipe.

Take note that there is no digging to be conducted (known as cured-in-place-pipe CIPP).

The resultant seamless, joint-less liner ensures a smooth, continuous inner surface with improved flow characteristics.

This saves you the substantial cost of excavation and replacement, especially for easement locations.

Maintaining the integrity of your pipes before they collapse can help you avoid the high costs and negative publicity associated with emergency repairs.

Just remember that restoring instead of replacing is not only more economical but environmentally low-impact as well.


Renoflo CIPP Relining Method

PPS uses a hydrostatic head to invert a resin-impregnated, flexible tube into the existing conduit which is then structurally cured-in place (CIPP).

And then, this CIPP has been used worldwide for more than 40 years and is the most widely used trenchless method.

So if you need either horizontal and vertical rehabilitation, the Renoflo CIPP Liner restores structural integrity.

This includes stormwater and sewer pipes from 100 mm to 2.0 metres in diameter and improves hydraulic flow characteristics.

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