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Pipeline Maintenance Services

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From initial CCTV pipe inspection and smoke detecting, through to patching, relining and manhole repair, there is no stormwater, mains’ water or wastewater problem too large or complex.

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Adelaide Pipeline Services

When completing pipeline maintenance, you want to ensure you are as thorough as possible to extend the life of the asset. This involves careful CCTV inspection and condition assessment, leak detection and making sure the pipeline remains as clean as possible.

The cost of not doing maintenance on your pipeline network

$2.2 trillion. That is the annual global cost of corrosion and pipe failure according to the World Corrosion Organization. But it’s not just about money. Failing structures including sewer, stormwater and water pipelines can and do cause injury and death.
Failing water mains are caused by the degradation of the pipe material and this can cause many issues including water quality and damage to building and other infrastructure such as roads. A leaking water main may burst causing a large flow of water above ground damaging roads, flooding buildings and potentially causing injury to anyone in the immediate area of the water main burst. There are also issues caused by leaking water mains that do not make it to the surface with the water leak slowly creating voids under roads or damaging structural footings of building. These leaks can continue undetected until the damage is catastrophic such as a collapsed road or building movement.
Sewer main pipes managed by water authorities that are not maintained and regular cleaned and condition assessed can also fail. Concrete pipelines are manhole structures can be effected by the H2s gas that is found in sewer networks and this can cause the pipe to become corroded and collapse. The cost of replacement of these assets can be in the millions of dollars. Often sewer pipes are a haven for tree roots due to the continuous flow it provides for thirsty tree roots and this causes the pipe to block. The result of this is a sewer main overflow and raw sewerage flowing onto roads or into properties, the cost for cleaning up these incidents as well as the health risks it exposes the public to are quite high.
All these issues listed above can be significantly reduced by having a proactive maintenance program in place and PPS can provide those pipeline services to ensure your risk is minimised.

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