Plumbing and Pipeline Maintenance of Sewer Main

project: Plumbing and Pipeline Maintenance of Sewer Main


Flinders University required plumbing and pipeline maintenance of sewer main as it was identified that a section of the sewer main was continuously blocked and part of the main was severely defected. Plumbing and Pipeline Solutions was awarded a 5 year contract to replace the sewer main and provide continuous maintenance of the pipelines.


Plumbing and Pipeline Solutions conducted a Closed Circuit Television Video Condition assessment and a complete plumbing and pipeline maintenance service to fix the issue internally through Cured-In-Place-Pipe Relining (CIPP). During the assessment it was identified that a section of the water main was unable to be replaced as excavation was not possible. 

There were underground services that could not be replaced however Plumbing and Pipeline Solutions investigated the length of the section that required relining due to the HP Gas, Electricity and Telecommunication lines that were near the sewer main with CCTV Tractor Cameras and Ground Penetrating Radar. 

PPS also actioned the rehabilitation and pipeline maintenance requirements by using the cured in place pipe method for relining. 110 metres of piping was relined after inductions and safety plans were conducted and the piping was only offline for 11 hours during this work.


The piping and overall work conducted by PPS was tested for compliance and PPS ensured that the client expectations were met through this work. The section of piping was tested by the office of the technical regulator and the inspector commented on the ease of installation and quality of work PPS conducted. 

The Sturt Campus is now connected with the main sewer of Flinders University and PPS ensured that there was no loss of service to the residents and community. Due to the pipeline maintenance undertaken by PPS, they have ensured that this section of the main will last at least 50 years and there will be no more issues.