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PPS Smartmap

PPS Smartmap is an online mapping service that allows for the easy access of underground pipeline asset data in the office or in the field.

PPS Smartmap

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What we do

PPS Smartmap, powered by GIS Cloud, is a real time collaborative mapping platform for your pipeline asset data in the office or in the field.

This means we can provide real time information such as the serviceability and structural condition rating, size, length, material and location underground of pipeline assets as well as storing and organising all inspection reports conducted by Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions.

As a result, this takes the guesswork out of managing pipeline assets by working alongside GIS asset management systems to provide collection of data to ensure your asset database is accurate.

New data and WINCAN reports are added to the PPS Smartmap database as Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions conduct condition assessment inspections of your underground network.

In time this will add up to create a snapshot of all underground assets, allowing access to data that will enables quick, calculated assessments and maintenance decisions of the entire network.

IPWEA award winner

In 2013, PPS Smartmap was awarded the Excellence in Asset Management projects at the IPWEA Excellence Awards for innovative data collection analysis techniques.


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