RenoPatch Lateral Connection Repair


Renopatch lateral connection repair done by the experts! When your lateral connection to your main sewer or stormwater drain is damaged, PPS can provide a trenchless solution to rehabilitate.

what we do

Leaking pipes and sewers in buildings typically mean bad smells. However in the worst case, can result in structural damage, moist walls and moldiness.

In the past, repairs from the inside of a pipe were limited to either patch repairs or dig up and replace. Or even the installation of full-length liners, PPS can now install a 3-way liner to repair that lateral connection.



Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions use RenoPatch technology to repair lateral branch connections without the need to dig holes. A repair unit is inserted in the pipeline and maneuvered to the damaged section with the assistance of a CCTV inspection camera.

The repair unit is highly flexible and can smoothly negotiate 45° elbows in a 100mm main pipe and even 90° elbows in lines of 125mm or more. Once the repair unit has reached the lateral connection, it installs a flexible T shaped tube. This tube is a hat profile (as it looks like a top-hat) that cures in place and creates a like-new, clean connection between the lateral and main pipe.