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We understand the urgency when your drains are blocked and potentially causing damage to your home. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions regularly do drain cleaning to remove blockages to keep the sewer and stormwater drains running correctly, our experience plumbers will ensure your drains are flowing again in no time!




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How do you know if your Sewer Drain is blocked?

Some of the first signs to notice if your sewer drain is blocked:

⚠️ Strange gurgling noises coming from your drains?
⚠️ Toilet water rising after a flush?
⚠️ Water bubbling out of your floor trap when you run the washing machine?
⚠️ Water rising up when you’re having a shower?

These signs are a clear indication that you may have a blocked sewer pipe — which is a serious plumbing issue.

If your sink is filling up with water and not draining away, this may be an isolated sink drain cleaning problem which you can resolve yourself. But if the problem is reoccurring along with the first signs above, then its likely you have drain blockage issues which requires a qualified plumber or water authority to clear.

A blocked sewer line can impact the plumbing throughout your entire home. In severe cases, you may wind up with raw sewage backing up out of your drains.

What causes sewer blockages?

Sewer blockages usually occur when there is something restricting proper flow in wastewater pipes. All foreign objects have the potential to disrupt our wastewater system’s operation. Common causes of sewer blockages include, tree roots, fat, oil or grease build-ups, flushing foreign products and broken pipes.


Tree Roots can interfere with the smooth operating of your sewage system because they are attracted to the warmth and moisture of a sewer line, allowing tree roots to creep in through tiny cracks or loose joints in the pipe. Once the roots grow, they create blockages in the sewer line. Eventually, debris gets caught on the roots, preventing water from flowing through the main sewer drain line.


Flushing Products, such as sanitary products, paper towels, facial tissues, wet wipes, or even extra-thick toilet paper down your toilets, can also block your drains. These products are not designed to be flushed down the toilet. While toilet paper breaks down in around 30 seconds, other products do not easily disintegrate in the wastewater system.


Broken Pipes, can be caused by external works on property such as fencing, landscaping and renovations. When the damage has occurred at the time of the work been carried out, it might take months or years for you to even notice, as it takes time for the water to surface and become obvious. When pipes have been damaged, the diameter of the pipe is reduced, restricting the water to flow as intended.

We have all the options in Cleaning Your Blocked Drains!

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions have three ways to clear the blockages in your pipes at your home quickly & effectively. Getting the job done right the first time!

Drain Cleaning Machines

All our service vans are equipped with the latest technology in drain cleaning machines. Not only effective and efficient in cleaning your pipes, but these cleaning machines are powered by our vans built in power supply allowing our plumbers to clear blockages even if power is unavailable at your home.

Hydro-Jet Machines

When the blockage is tough, we use our high-powered petrol-motor hydro-jet to clear the most stubborn blockages. This ensures your pipes are functioning again as quickly as possible. The high-pressure water effectively removes all types of blockage with ease. This system is also equipped with a small remote reel to access difficult to reach area such as backyards.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

When tree roots are the cause, a Chemical Tree Root Inhibitor is used to kill the roots blocking your drain. This process is effective without harming your tree. Although this is only a temporary fix, a long-term solution will also be provided as an option.