Sewer Main Repair in Myponga for SA Water

Project: Sewer Main Repair in Myponga for SA Water

The Problem:

SA Water required extensive sewer main repair works to a 150mm Earthenware sewer main in Myponga which had been damaged by a great deal of root intrusion and water infiltration issues. As the sewer main was connected to Main South Road, a high traffic area, SA Water required a long term solution to the ongoing issues and deliver a successful, minimally interruptive sewer main repair outcome.

sewer main repair

The Solution:

Plumbing and Pipeline Solutions were able to offer a Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) solution, the CIPP liner is a seamless continuous liner that seals the bore of the existing pipe leaving no annulus between the liner and the host pipe, and as it has no joins there is no possibility of roots finding their way through into the pipe, leading to the need of future sewer main repair.

sewer main repair

The Result:

With minimal disruption to the residents, Plumbing and Pipeline Solutions (SA) Pty Ltd were able to work quickly and efficiently to extend the lifespan of sewer main through their sewer main repair for up to 50 years.

sewer main repair