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Based on our 25 years experience, we scoured the globe to find the best technology available in Drain Cleaning Trucks and Tools.

Cappellotto is a world leader with over 50 years experience in truck-chassis-mounted sewer and stormwater cleaning equipment. The same units we chose are currently deployed in over 40 countries due to their quality, high capacity, reliability and safety.

As non-stop, recycled-water hydrodynamic jetting and vacuum-cleaning units, they are three times more efficient than traditional non recycling jet-vacs. Not only is recycling the water better for the environment, but it makes the whole process much faster: the tanker usually only fills and empties once a day, where others spend considerably more downtime having to empty and refill water tanks. The vacuum hose is also remote-controlled, whereas competitors vacuum tubes need to be clamped together, which is slow and labour-intensive.

drain cleaning trucks


The 2600 series excels in gaining tight access to stormwater/sewerage pipes and gross pollutant traps, with the mobility of a single steer-axle truck.

Here are the specs:

Debris: 5,000 litres
Water: 5,000 litres
Vacuum: 2,400 m3
Water pump: 330 litres per minute @ 170 bar
Vacuum hose: 12 m of 150-mm diameter
Sewer hose: 180 m of 1″ hose


This is the most powerful jet-vac in Australia. Its longer vacuum tube and higher vacuum capacity make this larger truck ideal for wet-well sewer and submersible pump stations. Its massive debris and water tanks give it a loading capacity far greater than any other truck in Australia, while its ample water power handles large diameter stormwater and sewerage pipes with ease.

The hydro-excavator attachment also allows us to make potholes very quickly and easily for such things as stobie poles and footings, especially in tight access areas such as for a historical building.

Here are the specs:

Debris: 8,000 litres
Water: 6,000 litres
Vacuum: 4,500 m3
Water pump: 350 litres per minute @ 210 bar
Vacuum hose: 20 m @ 150-mm diameter
Sewer hose: 330 m of 1″ hose

drain cleaning trucks in action...

drain cleaning nozzles

We have invested over $50,000 on a complete selection of jet cleaning nozzles for each truck, which are 25% more powerful than those used by our competitors.

Primus – This controlled-rotation nozzle bores through roots, grease and mineral deposits.

Flying nozzle -Its narrow-angled jets give it tremendous cleaning efficiency and unsurpassed traction for the toughest applications, such as cleaning sewer or stormwater lines in mountainous or difficult terrain.

Chisel nozzle- Variable jet options and sharp edges tackle the most difficult situations such as total blockages including solid root masses.

Dredger nozzle – This appliance specialises in the removal of heavy solids, silt, sand and sludge sitting at the bottom of a pipe.

Pipe wolf – Driven by a turbine at 6,000 rpm, this highly efficient tool handles extreme applications such as total blockages of root, silt and grease where standard hydro-dynamic tools fail.

Turbo chain-cutters – These very expensive cutters, but effective, remove obstructions such as calcium, grease, scale and crust as well as extensive root growth and total blockages over long distances.

Milling cutter – This tool actually bores through hard grease, concrete and scale of all kinds and is particularly good in cast-iron pipework.

drain cleaning nozzles in action...



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