Inspection Camera Technology


PPS uses top-of-the-line camera inspection methods!

Our team of certified technicians are competent in operating this equipment to  accurately report defects identified. Every CCTV survey we undertake is accompanied by a comprehensive report that yields a recommended course of action. All of our CCTV inspection technicians and supervisors are trained and accredited to NWPNE7016 and NWPNE7017 to ensure your reporting meets legislative requirements.

inspection cameras


PPS chose the state-of-the-art, world-recognised IBAK camera for inspection. This pan-and-tilt camera has integrated LED lighting! Basically, the operator can view 360 degrees of the pipework. Take note that this includes lateral junctions while analysing it in real time. The picture quality is always maintained regardless of axial rotation.

The IBAK uses a laser to measure defects, such as longitudinal and circumferential cracks. This is done with perfect accuracy and has 40x zoom. With that, the operator can magnify and clarify any defects.


PPS can now conduct remote manhole inspection using IBAKs Orpheus CCTV system. This high-resolution digital camera has specially designed, distortion-free lenses. This enables our technician to scan the entire interior of the manhole or pump station chamber. It can also measure defects such as cracking and bench measurements. Reports are then completed in WinCan version 8.


PPS has two full-colour SOLO Pro fully portable CCTV Inspection systems. This tech provide a very versatile alternative when a pipe system is too small. Also if it has too many twists and turns to allow a full CCTV robot, this is helpful.


We have a range of tractor sizes that allow the IBAK to track through pipes. This ranges from 100 mm to two metres in diameter, including box culverts.

Our heavy tractor chassis gives added traction and greater pulling strength than our competitors. With 300 metres of cable, the IBAK can traverse up to 600 metres. This starts from one access point, improving our efficiency to save you money.


This software enables us to record multiple pipe section and manhole inspections. It will then generate lucid and comprehensive presentations of the images. It also includes gradient measurements and drawings for subsequent analysis.

Importantly, it also allows us to exchange data with councils geographic information systems programs


This miniature optical inspection system comes in handy for smaller pipework. For 15 mm to 50 mm in diameter, such as shower traps, laundry waste and vent pipes, this is helpful.


inspection cameras in action...

cctv flotation cameras

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions has a CCTV camera that is mounted on a flotation device!

Using closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the perfect way to inspect your pipeline and drainage assets. Either to prevent damage and/or resolve a design problem we can help you out.

Our team of certified technicians is expert in operating this equipment accurately. Also we provide a precise and useful interpretation of the data. Every CCTV survey we undertake is accompanied by a comprehensive report. Then we yield a recommended course of action.
Large diameter sewer mains usually carry large volumes at a fast flow rate. These conditions often prevent the use of standard tractor cameras for CCTV inspection.

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions has a CCTV camera that is mounted on a flotation device to enable us to complete thorough surveys of high-flow sewer pipes.

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions are the only operator in South Australia with this capability which gives us the ability to:

– Survey large pipes regardless of flows, water level, or debris

– Survey without the need to divert or shut down flow

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions have the equipment and expertise to comprehensively inspect your pipeline assets, whether they be large or small.

flotation cameras in action...



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