Pipe Relining Technology


PPS is a licensed installer of the Renoflo pipeline renovation system. allowing us to create what is effectively a whole new pipe within the existing, deteriorated pipe without digging.

renoflo pipeline renovation system

The resultant seamless, jointless liner ensures a smooth, continuous inner surface with improved flow characteristics and saves you the substantial cost of excavation and replacement, especially for easement locations.

Maintaining the integrity of your pipes before they collapse can help you avoid the high costs and negative publicity associated with emergency repairs.

Restoring instead of replacing is not only more economical but highly ecological as well.

PPS uses a hydrostatic head to invert a resin-impregnated, flexible tube into the existing conduit, which is then structurally cured-in place (CIPP).

This CIPP drain relining system has been used worldwide for more than 25 years and is the most widely used trenchless method.

Suitable for both horizontal and vertical rehabilitation, the Renoflo system restores structural integrity, this includes stormwater and sewer pipes from 100 mm to 2.0 metres in diameter and improves hydraulic flow characteristics.

pipe lining in action...

pipe rehabilitation tools

FlexiGator – FlexiGator is equipped with two cameras. The first camera is a fixed colour camera for forward vision while the other is a pan and rotate colour camera. Just an additional spec, the cutting head rotates up to 13,500 rpm making easy work of almost any job. Its purpose of these are to give PPS a clear and wide view of the area being worked on.  As Flexigator experts, we include this to our latest equipment to make sure we’re giving top notch service.

DC Super Flex – This is an extremely flexible and user-friendly cutter that can work in small pipes. The stainless steel frame contains 25 or 50m supply hose which the cutter is fixed direct on to. It has a built-in slip ring to the camera, which allows 360° continuously rotation of the milling motor. The cutter can move through two successive 45° bends in a 75 mm pipe, and a 90° bend/angle of a relined 110 mm pipe. And because the cutting engine consists of an air motor, which runs at up to 15,000 revolutions per minute, it makes most jobs look easy.

150/250N Robotic Cutter – The 150/250N Robotic Cutter is for use in pipe diameters from 125mm to 300mm. It boasts both a set of diamond coated high traction wheels as well a rubber drive set. Primarily, it functions for the removal and milling of hardened deposits, concrete, ceramics, and plastics. Also, the LRC high pressure water removal of root intrusion from mainline and lateral connection. It can then clean and bevel the edges of reinstated lateral connections. With its automatic cable drum and array of tooling and attachments including different cutting heads, disc grinder, high-pressure jet nozzle, carbide routers and specialised wire brushes, you’d be hard pressed to find something it can’t do.




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