Thermostatic Mixing Valve Solution After a Comprehensive Audit

project: Thermostatic Mixing Valve Solution After a Comprehensive Audit


Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions were called to conduct an urgent audit on a major government building after concerns were raised regarding the temperature of hot water in a basin tap located in the public area of the building.

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions were engaged thanks to their track record in the completion of previous audits of this type and the fact that they are pre-approved for staff entry into sensitive work environments such as Government Buildings, Law Courts, Schools, Hospitals and Police Stations.


Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions completed the investigation of the hot water supply in the building and found the water at the outlet points was in excess of 60 degrees Celsius, exceeding the allowable temperature. As a result PPS recommended that thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) would need to be installed.


Realising the urgency of the matter, the client swiftly raised the order to proceed. The first step was to install isolation valves to the hot water branch lines. This work was conducted after normal hours so as not to disrupt the building’s day-to-day operations.

The isolation valves enabled small areas of pipework to be accessed during the day so that the Thermostatic Mixing Valves could be installed ensuring hot water was tempered to each hot water outlet.

Costs were significantly reduced by conducting most of the work within business hours with little to no disruption to the client and their staff. Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions installed more than 20 valves over a period of just one week.

The valves installed were set to an outlet temperature of 45 degrees as recommended in Australian Standard 4032.1 The installation of these valves have thus prevented any further incidents. The valves have been registered and set as part of a regular maintenance schedule to ensure and reliable and worry free outcome for the client.

This is just one example of how PPS can help ensure you can maintain necessary water provision maintenance in as non intrusive manner as humanly feasible, whilst also confidently ensuring a safe environment for staff and visitors when it comes to water temperature in your buildings by complying with Australian Standards.