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Wastewater Structures Repair & Protection

Wastewater structures are exposed to a range of corrosive substances suitable for sewer manhole relining.

wastewater structures repair and protection

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What We Do – Sewer Manhole Relining

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions have a range of processes at their disposal for waste water structures repair. In line with that, there are technologies that can be used individually or in combination, depending on the situation. Rest assured that the installation is trenchless. So it means there is minimal impact of the surrounding environment and virtually no disruption.


RenoPlug is a flexible polyurethane grout that is excellent at sealing leaking cracks and joints, this is used for treating infiltration and ex filtration.
Once injected into a problem area, it expands to form a tight water and chemical resistant seal.
Take note that it is safe for use with potable water, able to withstand pressure, flexible, and is solvent free and environmentally safe.




RenoCrete is the ideal product to re-surface degraded concrete.
Once applied it creates an effective barrier against waterborne salts and atmospheric gases.
Rest assured that it us hard-wearing, seamless, waterproof membrane that is safe for potable water. It is also water based, environmentally friendly and VOC free.


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