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What Can A CCTV Drain Camera Detect?

by Richard Powell on January 13, 2021

Getting adequate visual information on your drains’ nature is the most important step in its repair or replacement. Now, to gain knowledge on the depths of the problem going on in your sewers, a CCTV drain camera is needed during its inspection. Without deploying this camera, professionals will be working blind, as they will be unaware of the seriousness of any damage. Hence, to maintain and prolong your drains’ use and longevity, an inside story is needed, literally. This being said, there are a lot of things a CCTV drain camera can detect. This piece highlights what data these cameras can pick up and how it translates to useful information for the maintenance or repair of your plumbing system.

CCTV Drain Cameras

At Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions, PPS, CCTV inspection cameras can be accurately tracked from above ground level and has the capacity and capability of making recordings of:

Benefits of CCTV drain inspection

A CCTV drain inspection is a fast and cost-efficient way to visualize your drains’ examination to diagnose drainage faults accurately using pipe inspection cameras. Running a drain inspection will save you time and money as technicians will not need to troubleshoot solutions as the problem, source, and location will be known. You would need a CCTV drain inspection for;

Wrapping It Up

CCTV drain inspection eliminates the possibility of the guesswork from a procedure. By deploying these cameras into the drainage systems, technicians and plumbers can identify and locate the problem before deploying the most appropriate approach to rectifying it. Thus, these inspections save time, effort, and money as they’re relatively affordable. For this reason, PPS, the renowned emergency plumbing service with a wealth of experience and innovative tools, offers CCTV pipeline inspection services alongside pipeline maintenance to ensure the functionality of your drainage system.

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