What Is Pipeline Maintenance?


Plumbing and Pipeline Infrastructure is a necessity to ensure good service delivery of water, wastewater and stormwater systems within all suburbs. However, with such a vibrant market, not many companies or service providers have a wealth of experience or technological know-how needed to provide correct pipe maintenance solutions. In this article, we will discuss the practice of pipeline maintenance in detail. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Pipeline Maintenance

As the name implies, pipeline maintenance is simply the practice of maintaining the integrity and functionality of a pipeline and all its associated components. This activity is not a once in a lifetime practice as thorough and frequent maintenance will increase the pipes’ longevity while preventing pipeline failure. Pipeline failure is something no Asset or property owner looks forward to hearing. The impending damages culminated from a pipeline failure can be very detrimental to the integrity of the surrounding infrastructure such as roads, bridges and buildings. To prevent bearing these risks, pipeline maintenance is non-negotiable.

What Pipeline Maintenance entails

The major reason behind pipeline maintenance is to ensure the functionality of your pipes while preventing pipeline failure. The first step to achieve this is by regular cleaning, and this cleaning practice involves a combination of techniques including hydro jet cleaning the pipeline internally as root growth can inhibit the pipes’ serviceability.

There are multiple improved methods of practicing available pipeline maintenance. PPS (Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions), a renowned domestic and commercial plumbing maintenance service, believes in maintaining the integrity of pipelines and its components through conducting careful sewer, stormwater drains inspections where a CCTV camera is utilized for precise imagery. PPS also provides rehabilitation of the pipeline through patching, relining, conducting manhole repairs, and so many other services to ensure your pipeline’s integrity is intact. PPS utilizes either a macro-drain cleaner or a high-pressure water dispenser known as a hydro jet for cleaning the pipes. PPS uses specialized tools to ensure effectiveness and efficiency for cleaning out debris, roots, or foreign objects lodged in pipes, sewers, or stormwater drains.

Cost of neglecting pipeline maintenance

According to the World Corrosion Organization, $2.2 trillion is the annual global cost of pipeline failure. However, it is not just money that one can lose. Buildings and structures with failing pipeline systems can cause injury to lives, the collapse of property, pose as health hazards, and of course, death. Hence, it will save you a whole lot of risks to maintain your pipelines.


As a home, property owner or utility provider, pipeline maintenance is ultimately crucial. This is because not only does this simple act of care save you from footing obscure bills, but it also equally guarantees the integrity of your infrastructure as well as the lives of people in and around it. Because of the wealth of experience and technological know-how required to achieve success in pipeline maintenance, it is a task that should be bestowed on reputable pipeline specialist service providers like PPS.