What to do If Your Water Pipe Bursts

Water, which is nature’s most abundant resource, can wreak major havoc to buildings and properties’ integrity when not handled properly. One way your property can be at risk of water damage is through a water pipe burst, and it can be caused by several factors ranging from the age of the pipes to the season as water in pipes can freeze and expand with incredible force during the winter season. Regardless of the whys, just like first aid is required before a visit to the doctor’s office, there’s also a series of activities you can do to reduce the risk of water damage to your home, building, or structure once you notice a burst water pipe. Let’s take a look at some of these activities, shall we?

  1. Turn off the mains

First things first, once you notice a burst in your water pipe, locate the water meter, valve, or mains and switch off the water supply. This prevents damage from increasing. Now, as an added precaution, because water and electricity don’t go well together, you can turn off your electricity too. This is done before you assess the damage done to prevent things from escalating any further. 

2. Assess the damage

Granted that you’re not a plumber, visually, you can still assess the nature of the damage to figure out your next step. Check to evaluate the burst or cut, causing the leak. Suppose it is on the internal or property axis of the meter. In that case, the damage is the property owner’s responsibility to bear; hence, call a plumber. If it’s on the outside, then it’s within the jurisdiction of the water authorities. This simple visual assessment can save you a lot of repair bills.

3. Document the process

Proper visual documentation of the incident and accrued damage is critical, as this will help your claim. Take clear photos of the property and possessions (if any), and don’t be too quick to dispose of the evidence as you’ll need it when contacting your insurance company.

4. Call the experts

Because a small leak can progress into a major problem, it’s always a good idea to go for licensed professionals in this field. This is why your best option is an emergency plumbing service provider with a wealth of experience. You need one with innovative solutions that’ll not just fix the problem but ensure a repeat never occurs.

5. Meet with the insurance company

If you have insurance against utility damages, then you might want to meet with your insurance provider with the documented evidence. This way, you get insurance claims to pay for the damage repair and maybe even replace the damaged items.

Wrapping Up

A burst water pipe may sound like a minute problem, but it can lead to several thousand dollars in damages if not identified and handled. However, while you are waiting for a licensed professional such as Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions to attend your property, by isolating water and following some of the steps above you can minimise extra damage and potential costs.